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Protecting your home and possessions during Winter:

With all the problems that extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice can bring the... Read more

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David and Hilary Williams

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Dean Hanley.

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Stephen Redford

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Lorraine Hannon, Cleveleys

I want to say Im delighted... Read more

Mr Warren, Fleetwood

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Protecting your home:

With all the problems that extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice can bring the last thing you want is the additional problem of burst or frozen water pipes. Check out our quick tips guide below to help prevent burst or frozen water pipes.

  • In cold weather, check all your taps from time to time. If littler or not water flows there may be frozen water in the pipes.
  • Know where to find your stop tap! Then you can cut off the flow of water if a pipe starts leaking.
  • If you go away, leave the central heating on 'constant’ (set your thermostat to low) to prevent freezing.
  • Ask a friend, neighbour or relative to check your home while you are away. This will ensure burst pipes are spotted early and damp and water damage is minimized.
  • Turn off any indoor valves on pipes that lead to taps outside your home. Then open the outside tap and leave it open to let any water drain. This ensures there is no water in the pipes to freeze.
  • Ensure you have adequate contents insurance to cover the event of a flood or burst pipe.


I rate this company very highly

I rate this company very highly
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